Biblia Respuestas para Casi Todas sus Preguntas PDF Libro

Biblia respuestas para casi todas sus preguntas.

Biblia respuestas para casi todas sus preguntas PDF Libro

Why is cloning wrong? Does the Bible say a divorced person can remarry? Can angels sin? Is body piercing wrong? Can demons read our thoughts? Dr. Elmer Towns, author of over 80 books and Dean of Liberty University’s School of Religion, answers these and many other questions you have wondered about.

Written for the new Christian too embarrassed to ask, and for the long-time Christian who still has unanswered questions, this one-volume, indexed resource provides the kind of responses your own pastor would give as you’re shaking hands after the Sunday morning sermon-short, knowledgeable, and to the point.

Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions 

Topics covered include: Politics The Bible,The Holy Spirit,and Angels Creation Demons and the Devil· God’s Names Prayer, Salvation, and Sin If you have questions-and who doesn’t- Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions is an essential resource.

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