Evangelismo Explosivo James Kennedy

Evangelismo Progresivo James Kennedy

El Evangelismo Explosivo es la respuesta de Dios para la explosión mundial de población. Centenares de laicos y ministros evangélicos, entrenados y equipados para poder presentar bondadosamente el Evangelio de Cristo, constituyen el material de fisión para el Evanqelisrno Explosivo.

Churches will learn a biblically based method for sharing the Gospel along with motivating “on-the-job” training on how to share Christ and disciple new believers. This expanded fourth edition features a new section on friendship evangelism and how to build a vision for worldwide discipline.

Through this book, churches will experience what can take place when its leaders and members take seriously the command of Christ to equip the saints to do the work of ministry.

Chapters include “Training Laymen for Evangelism,” “A Presentation of the Gospel,” and “The Proper Use of Testimony.”

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